La Residencia was the first hotel in Cadaqués (1904)

Located in front of the beach and in the center of town

It is a charming hotel to enjoy in a Dalinian atmosphere

Since it was created in 1904, the Hotel has been a gathering point for writers, painters and artists in general, a cultural and creative atmosphere which imbues every space, detail and service. Throughout its history, it has been visited by countless personalities from the arts. Not for nothing it was the first hotel in Cadaqués.

The current La Residencia Hotel was built in 1904, the year when the brilliant artist Salvador Dalí was born. It was originally called Fonda Miramar and was designed and built by Onofre Pont, who was from one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in Cadaqués at a time when this village enjoyed a robust economy and actually had more inhabitants than the city of Figueres.

In the ensuing decades, the Fonda Miramar was the only hotel in Cadaqués, where the handful of visitors to the village could stay and recharge their batteries after the arduous trek to this fishing village. The inn has a restaurant and 13 rooms, with one communal bathroom. Over the years, the Fonda Miramar became famous in the world of painting and art in general. Proof of this is the fact that Garcia Lorca, Picasso (1910), Albert Einstein (1919) and many representatives of French surrealism stayed here.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, the pro-Franco militias took possession of the inn for two years and it had to cease operating as a Hotel. This was also when the hotel’s builder, the aforementioned Onofre Pont, was assassinated by the regime.

At the end of the Civil War, the Fonda Miramar resumed operations and came to be owned by the Pont family, specifically by the pharmacist Nieves Pont. From then on, the inn was managed by renters and its name changed to Hotel Cabo de Creus.

After decades languishing, and investor appeared, the British Peter Moore, who along with the Hotel’s current owner, Joaquim Miró, made major renovations and modernized the facilities.

In 1994, the hotel received its tourism seal from the Ministry of Tourism and became what it is today, the La Residencia Hotel. At this time, the hotel also changed management and ownership, and this is when it took on its striking, unique Dalinian personality, which it still has today.

The hotel has 15 rooms with a full bath, two of which are suites with views of the main square of Cadaqués and the sea. It also has all the modern comforts that a traveler could need: air conditioning and heating, a fully equipped bathroom, television, etc.

The current owner of the hotel knew Salvador Dalí, he is a prominent connoisseur and collector, which is clear in the fact that surrealism and the spirit of Dalí pervade the entire hotel, especially reception, the reading room, the tea room and the exhibition room, all of which are decorated with works and artistic references to the life, oeuvre and person of Salvador Dalí. The rooms harbor extraordinarily valuable works by Dalí as well, such as an original tapestry (The Persistence of Memory) and original graphic works signed by the artist.

Due to its unique, distinct personality, the La Residencia Hotel is a part of the heritage and cultural assets of Cadaqués. Even though it is not a museum, it holds more works by Dalí than the Salvador Dalí House-Museum itself located in the nearby town of Portlligat. Proof of the importance and uniqueness of the hotel is the countless events held here, which encompass everything from a gatherings of representatives from the local government of Cadaqués and Catalonia to lectures and world-class art vernissages.

Therefore, it is a must-see for Dalí lovers who visit the village, as attested to by the illustrious visits by major personalities from the world of art.

Because of its characteristics, the hotel is welcoming in its space, lighting and aesthetics, without sacrificing any modern-day facility or amenity. Its comfort and Dalinian personality are complemented by exquisite guest care and additional service s that make a stay at the La Residencia Hotel memorable. Whoever visits the surrealistic Hotel will enjoy personalized arrival and departure, outstanding cleanliness, courtesies on the room such as a cava sparkling wine, bonbons or strawberries, all to ensure that visitors take away an indelible memory of their stay at La Residencia.

There is nothing conventional about the La Residencia Hotel, just as there wasn’t about Salvador Dalí. Herein lies the Hotel’s authenticity and unmistakable personality, not only in its surrealistic design and décor but also in its outstanding guest service.

Definitely, one of our maximums pride’s its keeping and enhance the artistic spirit, the Dalinian particularly. Of course, we do it day by day.